Sara & Jacob

October 12, 2019Cayucos, CA

Our Story
Two Fish in the Sea

Sara's Version of how we met:

It was my first day back on my ship, Nancy Foster, after being away a couple weeks for training. I was getting the run down of the ship and systems and had made my way to the engine room part of the tour. My good buddy Chris was pointing out different pipes and doodads when all of a sudden some bearded man whacked me on my shoulder with his work glove and said "Hey I'm Jake". It was not romantic but I did find his tight little Carhart pants and workboots pretty sexy. I rolled my eyes and said "Hi Jake nice to meet you" and then tried to go about my day, only to realize I couldn't stop thinking about that funny little encounter with the bearded engineer and how I may have even been a little impressed by his confidence. After weeks of giving each other the eye in the passageway and me possibly avoiding him for fear of getting too close, I received a text from Jake one Saturday night when apparently he asked one of our shipmates for my number. From what I understood, he crossed all of Charleston that night to meet up with me at our at now favorite rooftop bar. I was pretty flattered and amazed at the number of obstacles he crossed just to see me. On the roof under the stars, we talked all night as if no one else in the world mattered. He told me about his love for music and travel and I could feel the light and joy inside him connecting with mine. Admittedly, I had a crush on him from day one, but it wasn't until I realized our shared passion for travel, spontaneity, and the importance of exploration that I knew I couldnt let this guy get away.

Jake's Version of how we met:

We met in the engine room on a ship I was a relief engineer for. I immediately introduced myself when she came down to the engine room looking completely out of place- she clearly needed help figuring out what she was doing there. I was really intrigued by this cute new girl from the start even though she seemed totally uninterested in me. Day by day, we chatted a little more until one day we had lunch with a goofy shipmate on the mess deck who bridged our conversation and got us both laughing. At this point, I was really liking her but didn't think she felt the same way about me. But, I persisted in the pursuit and asked a buddy for her number. That first night I had her number, I tracked her down across Charleston until I found her sitting comfortably on a couch on the rooftop at Henry's bar downtown looking like my dream girl. The two of us spent hours talking and I finally saw her open up to me; we joked and laughed hard about who know's what and then I kissed her.

The Proposal

In October 2018 Jake and Sara took the trip of a lifetime to visit the Phillipines, Bali, and Kuala Lumpur. Jake knew it would be the perfect opportunity to propose and started planning the perfect day months and months in advance. He arranged for a private tour through Kuala Lumpur on Sara's birthday to include hiking through rainforest, visiting a cave temple, cuddling monkeys, and ending with a romantic rowboat ride through a mangrove forest laced with fireflies where the proposal would take place.

Well, the first stop was the Phillipines and Sara gets a little excited with a few drinks in her and during one of their first nights looked at Jake and said "you're going to propose to me on my birthday, aren't you?". To which Jake said: Well shit.

So he was back to the drawing board because the one thing most important to him was that Sara be surprised. Next stop: Bali. He had now carried the ring through several countries and was excited to get it on her finger. Sara's family was waiting for them in Bali for a week full of fun in the sun. Sara's dad, Steve, suggested they do a sunset sail - one of Sara's favorite activities. It was the perfect opportunity.

They boarded the boat and Jake tried very hard to conceal the ring box in his pocket, chattering nervously all day. The boat was full of passengers but when the dinner bell rang they all scrambled down below, leaving the top viewing deck almost empty right as the sun began to set. Sara was happy to have such a beautiful sunset view all to themselves and asked her mom to take a photo of the two of them with their disposable camera. She handed the camera to her mom and turned around to see the man of her dreams getting down on one knee. Instant tears. Jake and Sara were both crying and smiling and laughing so much that she actually never heard him say anything at all so finally she asked "well are you going to say anything babes?" and Jake yelled "I've asked you three times already! Will you marry me?!". Pretty typical Jara. She said "oh well heck yeah" and he slipped the ring onto her finger as they heard the furious clicking and wheel turning of the disposable camera in mom's hands. The sky turned a beautiful pink and purple as mom handed them her ready-to-go "She Said Yes" signs for more photos. It was truly a surprise and a magical moment they'll never forget.

It doesn't really end there though--- the best part was that the "entertainment" for the night had yet to come on. What they expected to be a romantic sunset cruise turned out to be a drag show actually and they spent the rest of the night trying to figure out who was a man or a woman. A truly unforgettable night <3

The Wedding

Saturday, October 12, 2019
3:00 PM
Attire: Autumn casual - no ties allowed! Like sundresses and aloha shirts, but with a sweater. According to Jake, "there will be no business conducted at this wedding so business casual is not an option". Ladies, for your shoe planning: the ceremony will take place in the grass and the dinner and dancing will be on gravel and concrete. We recommend bringing a jacket, it can get pretty nippy at night.
Ceremony and Reception
Cayucos Creek Barn
1155 Cayucos Creek Road, Cayucos, CA, 93430, United States

Driving Instructions:

Coming from the North:

-Follow CA-1 South to Cayucos Dr

-Take exit 285 from CA-1 S

-Follow to Cayucos Creek Rd

-You'll pass Hardie Park playground on your left, continue along that road. Go under the overpass and past the "No Outlet" sign for about a mile. Barn will be on the left.

Coming from the South:

-Drive north along CA-1 North

-Take exit 285 for Cayucos Dr

-Turn right onto Birch Rd

-Continue to Cayucos Creek Rd

-You'll pass Hardie Park playground on your left, continue along that road. Go under the overpass and past the "No Outlet" sign for about a mile. Barn will be on the left.

Other Events

Sunday Grape Stomp
Sunday, October 13, 2019
12:00 PM
Coyote Moon Vineyard
1546 Wellsona Rd, Paso Robles, CA, 93446, United States
Attire: Something you can get dirty!
Come have a BBQ lunch with us out on the vineyard. We're going to have a little grape stomp tournament and other games and obviously lots and lots of wine. If you have camping gear, you can pitch a tent between the vines and sleep here overnight! Otherwise, we have a block of rooms reserved at Adelaide Inn for Sunday night.
Wedding Party

Sam Thompson - Officiant

Sam is Sara's lovely and caring older brother. He's always been a mentor figure in her life, with her through thick and thin- he was always the one who could make her giggle when she was a baby and he's the one she can trust to lead her and Jake through their "I Do's".

Taylor Ambrose - Maid of Honor

Taylor and Sara have been best friends since age 9. They formed the ultimate 3 Musketeers with Kassi in fourth grade and have grown to be more than just best friends- soul sisters is more like it. From Nsync concerts to Doran Beach bonfires, making mostly good decisions together, these girls are as inseparable as friends can get.

Kassi Walls - Maid of Honor

Also best friends since age 9, Kassi is the third leg of the 3 Musketeers, always keeping Sara and Taylor laughing so hard milk shoots out our noses. Through thick and thin, Kassi is as loyal as they come and a soul sister to say the least. Ask her to do the Kassi Butt Shake.

Kristina (Stina) Anderson - Bridesmaid

You'll probably hear Stina's laugh before you see her. By far one of the funniest and most joyous people in Sara's life- they met in 8th grade when Stina asked Sara to be a back up dancer in a Marilyn Monroe song in the talent show. They've been bonded ever since, constantly getting into shenanigans as the only two standing members of the "Yes Team". Ask her to tell you the muffin joke.

Yvette Johnson - Bridesmaid

Yvette and Sara met in college where they bonded by sneaking across the street to drink wine on the bench at Window to the Sea park and diving into deep heartfelt talks and then dancing their butts off at every backyard party they could find. Yvette is a gem of a human, always smiling and delightful. She and Sara have also had the joy of sharing the journey of finding the men of our dreams together- she gets married in July!! Ask her what it's like to be a cat :)

Tanya Thompson - Bridesmaid

Tanya is Sam's beautiful wife and Sara is so grateful to have her as a Sister In Law (or SILly as Sara adoringly refers to her as). With Sara as she grew from her teenage years to where she stands now, Tanya has been incredibly supportive and kind. Sara always loved having Sam but wanted a sister and Tanya fits that niche perfectly .

Josh Wood - Best Man

My oldest brother.

Joe Wood - Best Man

My older brother but not the oldest brother.

Brian Sudol - Groomsman

His middle name is Peter.

Mike Martin - Groomsman

He blows glass.

Jeremy Gaughran - Groomsman

He was on my little league baseball team when I was 8.